3M Window Tint

3M Ceramic and 3M Crystalline are some of the most popular window tints available because of the quality of material used. This is why we choose to focus on 3M window tint as one of our options at Auto Pro Detailing.

3M Ceramic is a great quality window tint that offers visibility protection, heat protection and UV protection. 3M Ceramic window tint focuses on high quality darkening and superior heat reduction over other window tinting brands.

3M Crystalline is the ultimate in window tint materials, and offers outstanding heat blocking capabilities. Crystalline uses superior quality materials to create a multilayer optical film that combines 200 layers in a film thinner than a piece of paper. This ensures that even a clear film of 3M Crystalline blocks more heat than darker films. You can choose your tint based on appearances, rather than having to go darker just for heat protection.

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3M Ceramic window tint options

3M authorized dealer - Window Tinting

We are an authorized 3M dealer, for all your window tinting needs.

3M Ceramic or 3M Crystalline?

This choice is individual to each customer. Both films offer outstanding heat protection, UV protection, privacy and tint shades, the difference comes down to your budget. If you are looking for the top-of-the-line option, we recommend 3M Crystalline to have the ultimate in heat protection for your car. If you are more budget conscious, 3M Ceramic may be the option for you because of the price point while still offering heat protection for your car.

However, the best way to choose is to come to our showroom and see for yourself. We have a window tint wheel and heat lamp where you can see the different window tint shades and feel the heat protection that each level offers. Visit us today! Call for more information, or request an appointment today.

3M Window Tint Dealer

3M cares about their product and installation so much that it is a year-long process to become an authorized dealer, to ensure that the entire staff is properly trained on the product.  Auto Pro Detailing is proud to be an authorized 3M Dealer for window tints at both our Dublin and Fremont locations.