Tesla Packages

Protect your Tesla with the best in paint protection and ceramic coating.

We offer ceramic coating and paint protection films for Model 3, Model S & Model X vehicles. We special in Tesla detailing and aesthetic packages. We know the most popular services and know how to care for them properly.

Our most popular packages are Chrome Delete blackout & Powder Coating for Teslas, to create a subtle and streamlined look without all the chrome on the door handles, emblems and window frames. While the most common chrome delete and powder coating color is black, we offer a variety of color options so that you can choose the look you want. 

Another common request is to change the color of your Tesla with a vinyl wrap, either in a unique color combination, a matte or satin look, or just a complete color change. Not only does your vehicle have a unique style, it protects the paint. Add Ceramic Pro on top for the ultimate in protection.

Look below to see some of our Tesla packages & work. We have special pricing for Model 3 & Model X!

Tesla Chrome Delete - white Handles

Tesla Packages Gallery