Paint Correction

Permanently remove blemishes, light-to-medium scratches, swirls, stains or any type of imperfection in the paint.

Damage to your paint? With our paint correction services, we’ll touch it right up. Looking for a showroom finish – we’ll return your car to you better than new (and if it’s not possible, we’ll let you know too)!

The paint correction process is one of restoring the paint on your car to like new condition. This can range from correcting swirls and scratches, replacing the clear coat, revitalizing dull paint, bird dropping damage and other damage to your car’s paint. We offer a wide range of services so if it needs further work, we have it available in the form of PDR (paintless dent removal) and body shop work.

Benefits of Paint Correction

  • Get your car looking better than new (factory finishes are not the ultimate)
  • Standard cleaning leaves swirls in your paint that we can remove

Our process includes a complete exterior detail to ensure that your car is absolutely clean before we even begin.

Our Process

  1. Complete exterior detail
  2. Preparing the car for paint correction – taping off rubber, plastic, lights, emblems, chrome
  3. Using a high speed double action polisher and compound (depending on the gravity of the damage and condition of the paint)
    1. Up to a 3 stage process
  4. Polishing the paint
  5. Sealing with high temperature carnauba wax

Your car is one of the larger investments in your life and you use it regularly – keep it looking it’s best with our paint correction. Contact us today for a free quote on paint correction and our other services.