Interior Detailing

You like to keep your car clean, but do you clean the interior as often as you should…considering all the time you spend in it?

For most people, their car is their second home, whether for commuting, traveling or just doing errands. You clean your home regularly but what about your car?

Benefits of Interior Detailing

  • Cleans up stains and spills
  • Helps maintain your car’s interior for a longer life
  • Helps your car recover from children’s messes and general wear and tear
  • Showroom quality finish for shows
  • Removes any smells and odors

Our interior auto detailing is just as thorough as our exterior detailing – this process takes several hours!

The Process of Interior Detailing

  1. A complete, thorough vacuum of the car
  2. Detailing of all plastics, vinyls, rubbers with a 1″ brush
  3. Cleaning of all the vents, electronics & other sensitive components
  4. Cleaning the headliner
  5. Cleaning the leather (2 step process):
    1. Cleaning the leather seats
    2. Conditioning the leather seats
  6. or Shampooing the fabric seats & hot water extraction (suede has a similar format but more sensitive chemicals)
  7. Shampooing the carpets
  8. Steam cleaning the carpets & upholstery (fabric)
  9. Hot water extraction on carpets & upholstery (fabric)
  10. Cleaning the windows

Optional Extras:

  • Pet Hair Removal
  • Odor Removal / Cigarette
  • Smoke
  • Food Spillage / Liquid Spillage (requires special removal of complete floor pad & seats)
  • Complete Sanitation (Body fluids, etc)

We offer interior detailing by itself, but also offer a package to combine it with an exterior detail…because your car deserves it! Contact us today to learn more about our interior car detailing packages.