Exterior Detailing

Regular detailing protects your car’s paint and keeps it looking like new for longer.

Cars should regularly be waxed every 2-3 months but this can be a time consuming process. Let us take care of this for you and be confident knowing that your car is always looking it’s best. Heading to a special event or picking up a special someone? An exterior car detail is the perfect way to arrive in style. Some of our clients even have us on a 4 month maintenance plan to keep their car in top condition.

Car Exterior Detailing Benefits:

  • Keep your car looking clean and new
  • Adding further protection to your clear coat finish
  • Prevent paint deterioration
  • A stunning finish – a freshly detailed car stands out, even though you may regularly care for it yourself
  • Extensive paint inspection – we will point out anything we notice while detailing your car

We don’t just wash and dry your car, our exterior detailing is a thorough process that takes several hours to complete.

Our Exterior Detailing Process:

  1. Thorough wheel cleaning
  2. Complete exterior hand wash using PH balanced car shampoo
  3. Bug & tar removal
  4. Clay bar using state of the art synthetic Nano skin
  5. Hand dry with optional air dry for sensitive vehicles (hypercars)
  6. Cleaning of body lines with a 1” brush
  7. High-pressure steam cleaning of door jams and exterior crevices
  8. Tire dressing & black trimming
  9. Glass cleaning
  10. One coat of high temperature carnauba wax

Optional Extra:

  • Paint Polishing

Does your car need a thorough clean or touch up? Contact us about an exterior detail or even a complete (exterior and interior) detailing package today!